We are a bootstrapping company

We don’t just write code, we help people bring ideas to life. We are also an incubator of our own ideas and commit to invest a significant portion of our profits in developing them.


We worship freedom and strive to create an environment that maximises it

We want all our people to be artisans and entrepreneurs, to be able to work on things that are meaningful to them, to continuously learn and to be able to express their maximum potential at any time.


We create and distribute value sustainably and fairly

We are a decentralised tokenized company that commits to distributing its ownership among team members. Ownership tokens are awarded based on merit upon completion of projects, they are tradable and also give voting rights over which initiatives the company should invest on. We build technological solutions which allow us to do this easily and transparently.


We are a horizontal organisation and believe in continuous decentralisation of both structure and power

We don’t want to grow into a large layered corporation but rather into a network of interconnected collectives that share knowledge and purpose.


We only take on initiatives we believe in

Once we commit to a project, we form a squad of artisans that are truly excited about it. We are ready to take equities (which also get tokenized and distributed) as payment, tying our success to the one of the products we help create.


We aim at developing and constantly improving a high precision framework for estimating and planning development of software, which also enables automation of compensation and ownership distribution.


We strive to create and maintain a positive, cerebral, creative and considerate atmosphere, where mutual appreciation replaces competition.


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